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Organizational Management

Maximize your board’s effectiveness
Opportunities include: board training and development, board/staff roles and responsibilities, board make-up and structure, identifying and adding new members, increasing board involvement and participation. 

Organizational incorporation and nonprofit status process and applications

Non-profit management
Organizational management, staffing, structure, budgets, programming, facilities, by-laws, and related needs.Overview or focus on specific aspects.

Organizational development and strategic planning

Grant writing and fundraising
We create effective ways to bring in needed funds and resources, identifying prospects, writing and developing information and materials, and assisting in the process. 

Community outreach planning and execution
There are many ways to go out into the community to expand your programs and services and reach more people. 

Building of internal and external relationships, partnerships and communication
Develop working partnerships that will benefit both your organization/business and other organizations, businesses and government agencies in many ways. 

Other Services

Professional development and facilitating meetings, workshops, classes and seminars.

Serving on conference panels and as a guest speaker

Short and long term projects

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