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Specializing in non-profit organizations

Bob Reich, Executive Consultant


Does your organization need:

  • Board and/or staff training, development, learning roles and responsibilities or bringing everyone together on goals and priorities?
  • Assistance with nonprofit incorporation and 501(c)(3) applications?
  • Guidance with creating or updating a strategic plan?
  • Assistance with writing grants or guiding fund raising?
  • Workshops and training for staff/volunteers/board on effective public speaking, customer service, outreach or other topics?
  • Revisions to bylaws?
  • Facilitation or conducting classes, workshops, trainings or as a guest speaker?

Ask about remote and online options in all services to meet your needs 


Bob Reich, Executive Consultant

Quality customized solutions specializing in non-profit organizations, plus services for for-profit businesses. 

Cost effective and practical services and guidance, looking at the entire organization as it applies to the specific project because everything within an organization is so inter-dependent. 



Complimentary evaluation of your needs as the first step to providing practical solutions for your organization or business. 

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